The Ageless Empire of Anduria was officially founded on Year 13, having thus far lasted for 542 years. It has survived plagues, natural disasters, rebellion, coups, and countless wars. Its national words, in Ancient Terragian, read, “We Endure.” They are an economic powerhouse despite their slowness to adopt new technologies, with huge exports of food from the Maar Lake and River plains, timber from the Saderis Forest, fish from the Terragian Sea and Lake Maar, and their few remaining mines near Pragae Vittori which occasionally cough up mithral or gold.



Anduria has four cities: Anduris, the capital and the namesake of the nation, Osset, Pragae Vittori, and Tyon. It also has a magical university in the form of Kaldun, and has a massive military compound, Firstwall.

Anduris is the heartland of all culture, or so its residents like to boast. Situated on the fertile mouth of the River Maar, Anduris’ farmland provides for the huge number of Andurians, and the political machinations provide endless entertainment for the noble families.

Osset is a beautiful town situated on the stony shore of Lake Maar, and is home of an unusual number of water-based hedge magicians.

Pragae Vittori is a citadel situated high in the Anguis Mountains, near a pass once used to transport goods into Alo. Now, it is home to a large portion of Anduria’s military might, and trains their powerful griffon cavalry.

Tyon is a small, dingy fishing-based city located on the Andurian Sea. Its one claim to fame is the yearly caravan to the university of Kaldun.

Kaldun is Anduria’s premiere magical institution, with focus on summoning and elemental magics.

Firstwall is a massive military outpost, which contains roughly half of the Empire’s massive army. It was built as a threat to the Valesian Republic, and continues that noble purpose today.

Anduria is divided into four provinces, previously five before the revolt of Alo. These provinces and their regional capitals are: Volas Plains (Firstwall), Dulia (Pragae Vittori), Saderica (Osset), Onatania (Tyon)


GoT-esque noble houses vying for power, influence and wealth.


Anduria has a long-standing policy of discrimination against non-humans. As such, only hidden enclaves of Unrooted Dryad call the nation home, as well as the ever-present hidden mannikin.

Capital: Anduris
Population: 78,000,000, 95% Human
Universities: Kaldun
Government: Feudal Aristocracy


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