The cursed nation of Moroziit, also known as Winterhome, was the original home of Fadt‘s regime. Before he died, Fadt worked powerful magic to ensure, should he die, the world would die with him, weaving a powerful curse that was to freeze the entire planet solid for all eternity. Thanks to the quick thinking of several of Fadt’s formed apprentices, the curse was contained just north of the city of Glazov. The nation then fractured, along with the rest of Fadt’s empire, only having been reformed as a political entity in Year 336.



Moroziit has three major zones: the Winter, the northern reaches affected intermittently by Fadt’s curse, the Saderis Forest surrounding Lake Maar, and the tiny, mild, southern plains.

The nation has three cities worthy of the title: the capital of Glazov, Hardhome, and Kansk.

Glazov is the City of Smoke, covered in a thick, black smoke from its abnormally large amount of factories and machinery. The port on Lake Maar is relatively inactive, though machined goods are sometimes moved down the River Maar into Anduria, or into the open ocean.

Hardhome is the world’s leading researcher into mechanical flight, and the source of many of the world’s airships. This hard-bitten city has little in the way of amenities, and the only strength anyone respects is mechanical know-how.

Kansk is a rough town deep in the Saderis Forest. Founded by escaped convicts, Kansk remains a great place to hide away from the law and earn some coin in the lumber business.


Highlord of Moroziit is a title passed down from Fadt himself, much like the name Moroziit itself. The Highlord is the absolute rule of Moroziit, and is a position attainable only through personal combat (without champions) with the current Highlord. (Combat only available to high-ranking nobles, of course.) While there are rules in place for what happens when a Highlord dies naturally in office, such an eventually has yet to come into play.


Primarily Human, with more Unrooted Dryad than usual, due to proximity with the Saderis Forest.

Capital: Glazov
Population: 27,500,000, 85% Human
Universities: None
Government: Dictator


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