Terragia was the seat of an ancient empire that ruled the entirety of the known world in its time, from which it draws its name. Today, it is the seat of the Common Pantheon, as well as the Arc Rail Company, which does business in all continents and almost all nations.


According to an ancient saying, “The history of Terragia is the history of the world,” famously quoted by one of the Terragian emperors, and he wasn’t overly wrong. Events in Terragia have long sent shockwaves across all of Pythomus, from the Terragian Empire, to the ascension of Fadt from his homeland in the north of what is now Moroziit.

Modern Terragia is a land of progress side-by-side with ancient history, as the Valesian Republic and Anduria attempt to integrate the Arc Rail alongside their ancient cultures. It is also a land of conflict, with the tiny nation of Alo striking back at Andurian oppression, while the Valesian Republic and Anduria remain locked in a pseudo Cold War, staring across the River Volas and rattling their sabers, while Tzallrach deals with internal strife and the dark things that lurk in the hearts of their forests, and [Moroziit deals with their eternal curse.


Today, Terragia is made up of five nations of various sizes and power.
In alphabetical order, we begin with the tiny nation of Alo, a former province of Anduria whose rebellion, many say, marked the start of Anduria’s death.

Then, we have the Ageless Empire of Anduria, whose existence has been recorded to go back to Year 13, lasting for 542 years, though obviously they claim their culture and identity as Andurians has existed since time immemorial.

Next is the cursed nation of Moroziit, also known as Winterhome. This large but sparse nation was the seat of power of the Archmage Fadt who ruled the entire world with an iron fist, and whose death brought on a powerful curse that froze almost all of the nation solid. The spell, cast by Fadt himself, was meant to freeze the entire world solid, but quick-working wards from southern Moroziitans saved the rest of the world, while damning their own home.

The nation of Tzallrach is said to be just as old as Anduria, but without all the pretense. Today, they’re small and weak, with internal strife and the dark things that crawl out of their forests being their primary issues.

Finally, we have the Valesian Republic, home of the Arc Rail, the Warforged, the clockwork golems that form the backbone of their labor force. Formed almost a hundred years ago, in winter of Year 443, the Valesian Republic is a formalized alliance of almost a dozen former small nations, who decided to band together for greater clout. Today, the Grand Council of Volaterrae practically rules the nation, as the Small Councils of each former nation have signed away more and more of their power to it.


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