Valesian Republic

The Valesian Republic is an industrial nation, located in southwestern Terragia, and is home of the Arc Rail, the Warforged, and the clockwork golems that form the backbone of their labor force, making it an industrial powerhouse. Formed almost a hundred years ago, in winter of Year 443, the Valesian Republic is a formalized alliance of almost a dozen former small nations, who decided to band together for greater political clout. Today, the Grand Council of Volaterrae practically rules the nation, as the small Councils of each former nation have signed away more and more of their power to it.



The Republic stretches from the [River Volas]] in the Northeast, to Lake Wilc in the North, to the Terragian Sea in the West and South.

The Republic has four large cities: Haenna, Lionsguard, Raca, and Volaterrae, Volaterrae being the capital city and home of the Grand Council of Volaterrae.

Haenna, located far to the south, on the Valesian Plains, is a large city formed largely around shipping and fishing, with trade routes south to Champoor.

Lionsguard is situated on the mouth of the River Volas where it opens into the Andurian Sea. It is the home of the Valesian Republic’s standing military, and military drills and parades are commonplace. The shiny gold and red uniform of the Valesian Military is a common sight here.

Raca is the fractured remains of a city. During the Split three years ago, Raca was fractured almost perfectly in half. Now, the remains of the city cling precariously the ledge of the city. Raca is the home of the Arc Rail Company, whose factory was caught on the breaking line. The city is also home to several companies experimenting with airships.

Finally, Volaterrae is the capital of the Republic, situated on Lake Wilc. It is home to the Grand Council, but is not home to much invention or other progress. Trade from around and across Lake Wilc keeps the city’s lifeblood flowing, as does trade from up and down the River Volas.


Split into 12 relatively tiny, unimportant regions, each with its own regional council. However, the Grand Council holds most of the true power, for the good of the masses.


The Republic is one of the few places in which the mannikin race native to Pythomus can live without being forced to take on a human face, as creepy as they may be. Further, the Warforged are an invention of an inventor in Raca, and many of them still make their home there, or elsewhere in the Valesian Republic, and the northern stretches of the Republic are home to several tribes of Shifters due to the proximity to Tzallrach.

Capital: Volaterrae
Population: 75,750,000, 65% Human
Universities: University of Raca
Government: Republic

Valesian Republic

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