Durç (pronounced DUR-sh) is a fairly recent nation, having been founded just over 200 years ago when the King of Ghosts, then a mortal necromancer, appeared seemingly out of nowhere and conquered all of southern Porre. Today, Durç is a prosperous nation, relying on its large contingents of undead to reap vast fields of crops while its citizens live is leisure to invent or while away their time as they see fit.



Durç’s northern half is rough and hilly, smoothing out into the flat southern plains. The River Byl winds its way out of the Arskan Mountains, forming small lakes as it falls down out of the mountains.

Durç has three major cities, including its capital of Wolfstone: Etanby, Wolfstone, and Yve. It also has a large university focused on the creation and maintenance of undead, named Millennial University.

The town of Etanby is a pleasant port town on the rocky southern coast, known mostly for its massive shipyards. Many of the merchant vessels that ply the waters of Pythomus are birthed from Etanby’s harbor.

Wolfstone is the grey-stoned capital of Durç, an oasis of the arts. Symphonies, illusory moving pictures, art galleries, and more line the grey-cobbled streets, patrolled by squadrons of masked undead charged with keeping the peace.

Yve is a beautiful city situated in the rolling hills south of the Arskan range. Some of the finest wine in the world is grown by the undead laborers here, sold to nobles and wealthy merchants the world over.


Durç is an absolute monarchy, ruled by the benevolent ghost-king known as the Ghost King.

Capital: Wolfstone
Population: 38,000,000 living, 90% Human
Universities: Millennial University
Government: Absolute Monarchy


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