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Welcome to the world of Pythomus

Pythomus is a world in bloom. The magic railroad, named the Arc Rail, crisscrosses the land, fueled by bound Lightning Elementals. The democratic Valesian Republic grows in power, fueled by the new age of commerce, in turn fueled by the Arc Rail, the invention of a Valesian. The nation of Durç, powered by benevolent necromancy respectfully using the bodies of the deceased, enjoys a period of unprecedented wealth and stability. The southern nation of Champoor, long divided by internal dispute, has settled in with the crowning of the new king, Adedayo.

But all is not well in this world. Anduria, the Ageless Empire, has recently lost one of its provinces, and seeks to go to war to reclaim it, while the long-brewing war between the Republic and Anduria is about to come to a full boil, many say in hushed whispers. The fragmented city-states of the Mercenary States eagerly await the start of the war. Moroziit is enduring their seventh year of winter in the northern reaches. Anduria covetously eyes the land Moroziit hold near Lake Maar, waiting for the nation to collapse under the weight of its curse. Raiders from both The Twins and Narthal haunt the coasts of other nations, growing fat off others’ work.

That’s before even getting into the weird stuff that’s been happening. The Valesian Republic lost almost a fourth of their nation just over three years ago, and no one knows where it went or how. Just a clean cut up and down the continent, taking the land and everyone and everything on it, leaving only ocean and steep cliffs in its place. The nation of Quinhan is experience tremendous magical fluctuations, leading some to wonder if magic itself may be a finite resource.

Important Pages

Terragia, Porre, and Tulok contain links to all the nations of Pythomus.
Pythomus itself contains a great deal of the history of the world.
The Pantheon is worth looking over, as well.
The Races of Pythomus may be of interest to players, as well: Human, Mannikin, Shifter, Unrooted Dryad, and Warforged.

Main Page

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