The nation of Tzallrach has existed since Year 12, a fact which they suppress so as not to enrage the easily slighted nobility of Anduria. It has never been an easy existence for the nation. The Caligo Forest is plagued by strange beasts, and the winters are harsh and cold. Recently, civil unrest sparked by the King’s paranoid execution of many of his beloved lords has made life even more difficult.



Tzallrach has three large cities: the capital of Brascov, Piatra, and Tergova. It also has an academy of magic, named Sumava.

Brascov is a dim, rickety town situated partways on top of Lake Wilc, with an emphasis on fishing and lake trade to maintain its existence. The King makes his home there, as far from the lake itself as the town walls allow for.

Piatra is a town settled deep in the bosom of Tzallrach’s Caligo Forest. The people there are hard-bitten and sullen, unwilling to speak with outsiders. Its location near the university of Sumava doesn’t make it any more receptive to strangers poking around.

Tergova is a northern port, and home to the Rune Arch, said to be a creation of the Archmage Fadt himself. The citizens are grim and sturdy, and are considered to be some of the best sailors in the world for their quiet obedience and almost supernatural ability to understand one another.

The University of Sumava is a strange place, seemingly woven out of solid rock and wood. It is no surprise that the university focuses on the tradition of alteration, mirroring the beasts that infest their forest. Some whisper that they created the beasts, while others claim they become the beasts to overpower them.


Paranoid king, beloved nobles, some lower courts that commoners can ascend to.


Primarily Human, as all nations are, but Tzallrach is afflicted with a large Shifter population due to the were-beasts of Caligo Forest , and the proximity of Raca means many Warforged find their way to Tzallrach.

Capital: Brascov
Population: 34,750,000, 75% Human
Universities: Sumava
Government: Hereditary Monarchy


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